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At Skid Pro, you can find all kinds of skid steer forestry attachments. Shop for a wide selection of skid steer cutters, mulchers, log splitters, log grapples, stump buckets, stump grinders, tree pullers, tree saws, tree shears, and wood chippers. Skid steer brush cutters for sale at our store are made and assembled in the USA. This ensures we provide high-quality and long-lasting equipment. All brush cutters, skid steer mulchers, skid steer chippers, and skid steer mowers available at our shop are compatible with all major make & model skid steers.


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    Kevin M.


    Dick – Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know I’m officially a proud owner of an X4 Industrial Brush Cutter Open Front, and SP500 Forestry Mulcher. I have also made my brush & tree mastication and fire mitigation business official. Like we talked, both of the Skid Pro products will be the obvious back bone of my operation. I’ve got a bunch of before and after photos, along w/ videos if any of your prospective customers would want to check them out. And if there is anyone in northern California or southern Oregon needing a product demo, I would be happy to facilitate that as well. Thanks for providing incredibly innovative products of the highest quality, built for day-in and day-out commercial use. I look forward to many years of using Skid Pro products to help me grow my business.

      Dan H.


      Hi Eric, Things are going great with my 48” mulcher on my standard flow Bobcat T190 (16 gpm). It took a little seat-time to figure out the quickest method, but I have it down now. I can line up piles and work through them or take down bushes and small trees in short order. The biggest I've gone through so far is 5-6 inches. The oak and pine chop up quickly, but the manzanita that's very hard takes a few passes. It is however much faster than what I was doing before by cutting the Manzanita down then running it through a chipper. I’m far more productive and have reduced my hand labor to almost zero. Thanks again for a great product and service!

        Daniel L.


        Hi Mike – The backhoe and HF forestry mulcher are awesome! They are doing exactly what we needed them for. Customer service at your company has been top notch. It is very reassuring buying equipment from a company that has customer service like yours and products that back it up. Thank you for your help!


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