Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

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HD3 - Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

Our Skid Steer HD3 Brush Cutter leads the cutter class with a 4 inch cutting capacity. Check out The Skid Pro's difference and special features.

HD3 - Heavy Duty Brush Cutter

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HD3 Brush Cutter

The Skid Pro Difference

Direct-Drive Motor

Super powerful, direct drive motor delivers high torque & ultra fast blade tip speed

Smooth Cutting

Blade tip speed over 19,000 ft/min delivers smooth cutting to handle up to 4” trees, heavy brush and thick grass

Maintains Speed

Direct drive maintains better tip speed in heavy grass compared to gearbox mowers with low torque

3 Cutting Blades

Oversized, 262 lbs. flywheel with 3 cutting blades for ultra smooth, high torque cutting

Extra-Heavy Push-Bar

Extra heavy push bar in front for power and durability on heavy brush and saplings

Maximum Durability

Over engineered deck design is built beefy with XL gussets throughout for maximum durability

Easy Blade Access

Replace blades easily using the integrated access panel

Wire Protection

Wire protection kit to prevent wire wrap on the flywheel


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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2 year warranty


1,190 lbs.
1,260 lbs
Skid Steer Door Glass

Recommended - 1/2" Polycarbonate Windshield

We highly recommended a 1/2" polycarbonate door windshield or more for this product. Click here to learn more.


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