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Our brush cutters, or also known as brush hogs or brush mowers, are the heart and soul of Skid Pro Attachments. We have heavily engineered every detail of these brush cutters to withstand the heavy duty use and abuse that these attachments can take. To start, we have flywheels that weigh up to 467 lbs on some models. Most of that weight comes from the 1 inch thick steel base. Other than our introductory GB2 brush mower, our cutters come with direct drive or piston motors, giving you unbeatable recovery time. These cutters and brush hogs aren’t just made for a day in the bush, they are made to take down the bush, including mature trees.


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    Paul B


    Last week, I worked my new 72” Industrial Brush Cutter for about 4 hours, clearing overgrowth on our 3/8th mile private road. It met all of my hopes and expectations for performance. It tackled 4” and greater growth including holly bushes, which is really a hard wood. The unit is very well balanced, as it runs as smooth as glass when revved up to top RPM. My Case 1845C rated at 16 gpm handled the 72” Industrial Brush Cutter very well. I hit a few rocks. The blades held up well. The quality of the steel in the blades is, apparently, very good. I should also add that the fit and finish of the brush cutter is very nice. I love the powder coated finish. You may quote me on this. Best cutter ever.

      Chuck G
      Chuck G


      Josh, just received a promo e mail from you and it reminded me that I had intended to give you some feedback on your 72" industrial brush cutter that we purchased. We have used it extensively this past summer and fall in heavy willow thickets along creek bottoms, grass and very tough soap weed (Yucca). The cutter is exactly as advertised and the only wear evidence is brush marks on the sides of the cutter. We use a Bobcat S630 at 6500' elevation which handles it with ease. We are very pleased with the cutter, I call it a masticator/cutter, and I am very pleased with your service at Skid Pro. Thank You!

        Steve N
        Steve N


        I have in the past used a bobcat 72" brush cutter on the TL 140 standard flow machine ( 19 gpm) that I am using to power your 72" industrial rotary cutter. I would say that your machine out preforms the bobcat 3 to 1. I have cut about 2 acres of very dense (too thick to walk thru) swamp brush most of which stands 8' tall and consists of 2" to 6" diameter soft woody plants. This is much heavier brush than anything you show in your videos. I have also cut about 3 acres of grassy fields, a walking trail thru a thick cedar and spruce forest and a hardwood forest. This machine has cut thru cedar trees 6 to 8" thick by taking my time to cut through the trunk to fell the tree and then chopping the trunk and branches to pieces. By taking my time to allow the machine to cut, the work it can do is absolutely beyond compare to the bobcat design. The direct drive hydraulic motor, heavy fly wheel and 4 blades are no doubt the secret to this machines performance. The two way motor is very convenient to unjam any obstruction and never leave your seat. The pressure relief valve keeps me in check not to over abuse the cutter. I would recommend this product to anyone with a standard flow machine.


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