Skid Steer Stump Grinder

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Stump Grinder

Our Skid Steer Stump Grinder Design has a direct drive motor for maximum cutting wheel speed and grinding torque.

Stump Grinder

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Stump Grinder

The Skid Pro Difference

Maximum Cutting Wheel Speed

Direct drive motor for maximum cutting wheel speed and grinding torque

22" Wide Bite

Massive 24" cutting wheel delivers a nasty 22" wide bite with 5" of depth per pass

34 Carbide Tipped Teeth

34 carbide tipped, removable and replaceable teeth give aggressive bite and superior efficiency

Unique Design

Unique design eliminates costly secondary cylinders and electric-over-hydraulic controls and performance lag

Performance & Efficiency

100% of skid steers hydraulic output is concentrated on cutting wheel for maximum performance & efficiency

Best-In-Class Cutting Depth

Best-in-class 10" below ground cutting depth for easy fill-in and grass seeding over top


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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2 year warranty


Model No.SP24
GPM Requirements15-25 gpm
High Flow GPMAvailable 25-45 gpm
Rotor Size24”
Number of Teeth34
Tooth ConstructionCarbide Steel Bolt-In
Cutting Wheel Speed700 RPM
Cutting Height – Above GroundNo Limit
Cutting Depth – Below Ground10”
Maximum Cutting Depth – Per Pass5”
Maximum Horizontal Cut22”
Hub Torque250 Ft.-Lbs.
Over Torque ProtectionRelief Valve
Unit Weight702 lbs.
Skid Steer Door Glass

Recommended - 1/2" Polycarbonate Windshield

We highly recommended a 1/2" polycarbonate door windshield or more for this product. Click here to learn more.



    Nick C.


    Hey Todd! Just getting home right now and checking mail! Great to hear from you! Yes, stump grinder is bad ass! Delivery was perfect. They reached out day before and made everything easy to accept delivery just as you said. I have used the stump grinder about 8 times and have also made a little money with it! It took about 30 mins to test its limits and then became very good with it! Very happy with grinder and its durability. If possible could I get a price for more teeth so I have them? I know you said I can turn them a bit in the future but I would love to have some in stock....... Also, could I get a price for brush cutter-standard flow-? Looking for brush cutter that wants to take some pretty hard core material. I have Bobcat brush cutter now and love it just for mainly bush hogging. It cuts very nice, but looking for maybe something open ended to take bigger material if you know what I mean! Again, thank you for reaching out! Look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks again,

      Eric N.


      Jeremy – Sorry for the delay, I’ve been running like crazy last few weeks. I haven’t had any problems with the grinder, just uncrated, greased and it went right to work. I was able to run for 6 hours the first day without fatigue. Very good visibility, easy to maneuver around and line up with stump. I have only been able to grind up 20 stumps as it has been real wet here. I was able to grind up 2- 40’’ stumps with the roots and push the shavings back in to the hole and level for easy mowing. The grinder cuts through smaller 10’’ to 16’’ stumps in just a few minutes. The larger stumps take more time, but that has more to do with the 15 gpm flow of my loader (John Deere 319E). Also with larger stumps you have to work around a little, as you can’t reach opposite side to pull the cutter through the stump. The cutting teeth are holding up good, still feel sharp and cut like new. All in all very pleased with the grinder, it is a lot better than the walk behind models I have rented in the past. Thanks for the excellent customer service and fast shipping.

        Ed C.


        Todd, just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with the stump grinder I purchased from you. It has more power and works better than I expected. It even handles seasoned hedge (osage orange) stumps fairly well, which is impressive considering its one of the hardest woods out there. Thanks again,

          John E.


          Hi Mike. I have used the stump grinder on my Kubota SVL75 (17 gpm) a bunch and love it! Have not had a chance to use the brush cutter yet, but it looks very well made . I will let you know what I think after putting some hours on it. Thanks for the follow up, that really means a lot.

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