Meet Our Gurus

Our Office Gurus

Alissa Van Straaten

Josie Bartlett

Jenna Henning

Katie Jossart

Holli Christians

Lindsay Hintermeister

Our Product Gurus

Todd Westlund

Erik Gullickson

Jeremy Johnson

Drew Torgerson

Joe Sanden

Chris Wessel

Shane Matchinsky

Brad Klinkner

Dick Matchinsky

Ryan Fernholz

James Dyrdahl

Randy Anderson

Cory  Clark

Nate Hjelle

Tyson Langlie

Dan Wacker

Nathan Koury

Jer Williams

Troy  Rosser

Erik Larum

Casey Rudolf

Our Marketing Gurus

Patrick Wolf

Chad Peterson

Caroline Godel

Our Chief Gurus

Ben Hartwell

Josh Sanden

What is a Skid Steer Attachment Guru?

One of the unique aspects of Skid Pro’s company culture is the practice of referring to our employees as “gurus.” This term may seem unusual in the skid steer attachment industry, but it reflects Skid Pro’s commitment to expertise and knowledge. We know that our employees are not just ordinary workers but rather skilled and experienced professionals who possess the expertise necessary to provide customers with the best possible solutions. Our commitment to continuous learning and professional development is a key foundation of how we stay relevant in the skid loader industry. We invests in our employees’ training and development, providing them with the resources and support they need to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.