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Tree Shear

Our Skid Steer Tree Shear has a unique blade design w/ robust splitter wedge which controls tree fall direction, felling right of shear.

Tree Shear

Tree Shear

The Skid Pro Difference

12” Tree Cutting Capacity

HD shear boasts a 12” tree cutting capacity & delivers over 30+ tons of shearing force

Industrial Cylinder

5” x 12” 3000 psi industrial cylinder boasts 2.50” rod & 1.50” pins of 1045 hardened steel

Abrasion Resistant Blade

Extra wide, AR400 abrasion resistant blade delivers maximum strength & longevity

Vertical & Horizontal Cutting

Versatile shear design allows for both vertical and horizontal cutting (manual or hydraulic)

Unique Blade Design

Unique blade design w/ robust splitter wedge controls tree fall direction, felling right of shear

Steel Plated Jaw

Aggressive, double 1” thick jaw plate steel grip and hold the tree securely while shearing

Easy to Operate

14” wide opening allows the operator to easily slide the shear into cutting position on tree

Near Ground Cutting

Near ground cutting allows a clean finish while clearing large tracts of land


Industrial Design
Operator Ease


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