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At Skid Pro, you can find all kinds of skid steer grapples for sale. Our skid steer grapple selection includes grapple buckets for skid steer, industrial grapple rakes, rock grapples, and more. All skid steer grapples for sale at our site are made in the USA, and built with top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Every skid steer grapple at our store, including all skid steer grapple buckets for sale are fully compatible with all major make & model skid steers.


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What Is a Skid Steer Grapple Attachment Used For?

There is a wide variety of skid steer grapples with plenty of uses. Mainly, you can use them for carrying materials like rocks, logs, or concrete. Attachments such as scrap grapple buckets for skid steer are excellent equipment for picking up both loose and bulky material. On the other hand, others such as industrial grapple rakes are better for digging and grubbing heavy loads.

A grapple attachment on a skid steer picks up a big log.
SkidPro’s Industrial Grapple Rake

Why Choose SkidPro?

At Skid Pro, we have a wide selection of grapples for you to choose from. This selection includes skid steer grapple buckets for sale, tine grapples, and more. All our grapples feature American craftsmanship which ensures high-quality, durability and immediate availability for shipping. 

We highly value customer service and believe providing old-fashioned, person to person service is the best. If you need assistance choosing the right grapple, don’t hesitate to contact our Product Gurus at (877) 378-4642

    David M.

    Milestone Farms, Finchville, KY

    Josh – The grapple arrived a few minutes ago…The thing is a beast! I hope that it works just half as good as it looks! Many thanks for a job well done. Please send my compliments to all who had a hand in building it.

      Malcolm W.

      Weller Farms, Heisler, AB

      Just thought I'd let you know that the grapple and brush mower are working well. They've held up to everything me & my CAT 236 have thrown at them and more. Josh was also very good to deal with. If I ever need to buy anymore implements, I wouldn't hesitate to call again. Thanks, Malcolm.

        Duane Johnson

        Shady Valley, TN

        Josh - The grapple is working just great, very pleased to have made the purchase. Your help and service has been the best and I thank you for it. My Memorial Day weekend was great as I was able to have the biggest "hotdog" fire with all the trees and brush I gathered using the grapple! Thanks again and I will surely contact you if the need arises in the future.

          Jack Engelhart

          Engelhart Farms – Hudson, WI

          I found Ben from on the internet while looking for a grapple bucket. Ben "steered" me to the premier series skeleton grapple bucket. Picked it up and connected it to our John Deere 317 skid steer. Worked perfect. Quality was excellent, real heavy duty 1/2" high strength steel tines. Next is a back hoe, trailer hitch attachment, snowblower and ... Thanks Ben!

            R. Corey Defferding

            Northland Electrical Services

            Carol: The grapple is awesome. The amount of uses that it is capable of has way exceeded my expectations, along with the quality of construction. It was a pleasure dealing with your company also. See attached photo of my 14 year old son operating. Thank you Corey D., Wisconsin



            Skid Pro’s Stump Bucket Grapple in use

            Save on Skid Steer Grapples

            At SkidPro, we have a wide selection of used and demo attachments for sale. Our pre-owned grapples ensure you get the same quality attachment, for a fraction of it’s price. Additionally, we guarantee all used and demo skid steer grapples for sale at our site are in great shape and can provide many years of service.

            Our catalog of used and demo attachments is constantly updated. This means, even if you can’t find the attachment you’re looking for right now, it might be available soon. Find pre-owned scrap grapples, manual log grapples, and grapple bucket for skid steer for a fraction of their original price.


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