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Used / Demo Skid Steer Attachments

Piston Drive Brush CutterDemo Unit - Full Warranty

HD Rock Grapple Demo Unit - Full Warranty

XHD Rock GrappleMarketing Unit - Full Warranty

XHD BucketMarketing Unit - Full Warranty

Mini Skeleton GrappleMarketing Unit - Full Warranty

Mini Rock GrappleDemo Unit - Full Warranty

Clearance Attachments

Skeleton grapple sale

XHD Skeleton Grapple - 66"Full Warranty

HD Rock Grapple

XHD Rock Grapple - 66"Full Warranty

Shop for Demo & Used Skid Steer Attachments for Sale

Enhance the capabilities of your skid steer with demo and used skid steer attachments for sale. At SkidPro you can find all kinds of demo attachments. From used wood chippers to used skid steer grapples for sale. The best part, is our inventory is constantly updated with newer model attachments and different attachment types. 

We ensure our used skid steer attachments for sale are in the best condition possible and can take on any job you need for years to come. Our used and demo attachments allow you to save money while still getting high-quality parts. Shop for used skid steer grapples, combo buckets, trenchers, and more at SkidPro.

Used Skid Steer Attachments for Any Job

At SkidPro, we have demo and used skid steer attachments for sale that can tackle any job at a budget-friendly price. Although our selection of used parts is under constant upgrade, we have some of the most important options available. These include used wood chippers and used skid steer grapples for sale.

Rock Grapple

Our rock grapple attachment can provide ultra grip to your skid steer ideal for picking rocks and other tough and heavy loads. This grapple features ultra grip for load security and a thick cutting edge for digging. Its durability ensures that even as a used skid steer grapple, it will last for years.

Tine Grapple

A tine grapple attachment is ideal for the farm industry due to its versatility and deep penetration. Featuring HD tines, this used skid steer attachment offers strength and durability. Its unique design provides up to 85% more force than other tine grapples in the market.

Scrap Grapple

Ideal for picking up both loose and bulky material, a scrap grapple is a versatile attachment. Its design provides up to 85% more force than the competition. Its reinforced bottom ensures longevity and utility even in the harshest conditions.

4N1 Combo Bucket

SkidPro offers a reversible and replaceable used skid steer attachment in the the 4N1 Combo Bucket. It’s high-quality frame and back makes the 4N1 tougher than the rest. It also features serrated teeth that increase its gripping power.

Industrial Grapple Rake

This used skid steer attachment for sale at SkidPro can fit the biggest skid steers in the market. It was designed with a robust build and extended reach. The industrial rake grapple features excavator-style teeth that ensure a strong bite and max wear life.


SkidPro’s trencher attachment provides max torque in the toughest digging conditions. It delivers an ultra-clean trench and can work close to buildings and other obstacles. Its hammer teeth make this the ideal used skid steer attachment for harsh soil work.

Wood Chipper

Featuring a heavy-duty steel frame, this wood chipper is highly durable. This ensures that even as a pre-owned attachment, this wood chipper will last a long time. It features long and sharp steel blades and a high performance motor.

Road Saw

Our road saw offers both efficiency and durability. This makes it a great and budget-friendly used skid steer attachment. Providing precise cuts, and facilitating operator use, the road saw can take on a wide range of jobs with ease.

Cold Planer

Available in both standard and high flow options, the cold planner features incredible torque and robust durability. Both options serve as a good used skid steer attachment purchase. Protecting your wallet while still delivering high productivity.


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