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Grapple Rake

Our Skid Steer Grapple Rake design allows operator to utilize back-raking with the top grapple to enhance reach & functionality.

Grapple Rake

Grapple Rake

The Skid Pro Difference

Quality Build

Manufactured using high-strength, 80,000 psi tensile-rated steel for maximum strength

Unique Design

Unique clam-design (geometry) gives ultra-wide 42” opening, and small-gap, tight gripping when closed

Back Raking

Design allows operator to utilize back-raking with the top grapple to enhancing reach and functionality

Durable Materials

Fully gusseted bottom tines, and crossbar reinforced top tines gives ultimate durability for 0.5” tines

Serrated Tines

Serrated grapple tines for enhanced and aggressive grabbing and holding of loose material

Oversized Pins

Oversized, hardened pins with greaseable pivot points for added longevity and easy maintenance


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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Bucket Depth15.5”
Bucket Height36”
Number of Tines7
Tine Spacing12”
Tine Thickness (Top)½”
Tine Thickness (Bottom)½”
Grapple Jaw Opening42”
Cylinder Bore2.5”
Cylinder Rod1.25”
Approximate Weight1,005 lbs.


    Jeff B.


    Todd, As you said, this IGR is a beast! I've got a new respect for what my Kubota SVL90 is capable of doing with a grapple attached and how sturdy it is built! It came earlier than I anticipated, your staff kept me informed all along, and the process and delivery was smooth. Overall it was a good experience. Thanks!

      Tom B.


      Hi Chris, I am the individual in Norther California who recently purchased a grapple attachment from you. I wanted to convey to you my following thoughts: (1) the attachment arrived on time at the designated shipper; (2) the attachment was beautifully wrapped/protected to assure it arrived undamaged/in good condition; (3) the attachment is of heavy-steel construction as represented and is a formidable tool; (4) the attachment functions/works beautifully, is easy to use and more than gets the job done. In short, I am a happy and satisfied customer with this Skid Pro product. Further, you were wonderful to work with, very patient with your explanations and my proposed payment plan. My next purchase from you will be your wood chipper. Thanks again for everything, you guys are outstanding. Best,

        Bob J.


        The attachments came without a problem. The pallet forks came in handy immediately because the shredder was too large and heavy to get down the lift gate. So we were able to use the pallet forks to get it off the truck. I haven’t used the grapple or tree shears yet but I’ve put about 15 hrs on the shredder, and it is awesome! It eats up the cedar trees like nothing! I also appreciate how sturdy the attachments are built. I am very happy with them, thanks for the follow up.

          Madison H.


          Hey Mike! Everything is going great I’ve used my grapple and cutter more than anything and I have to say I’m fairly hard on my equipment and it’s held up flawlessly with absolutely zero issues! I’m not interested in any new attachments at them moment but if I am I will be sure and give you guys a call I’ve really appreciated your customer service and quality products. Thanks,

            Shayne S.


            Hey Chris – Here is a video of Jeff moving one of the biggest Ponderosa Pine trees we’ve ever encountered on the job, using the Industrial Grapple Rake The grapple is built like a tank and is just flat out awesome! Thanks,


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