Skid Steer Tree Spade

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Tree Spade

Our Skid Steer Tree Spade Extra heavy-duty design is built tough enough for heavy commercial use.

Tree Spade

Tree Spade

The Skid Pro Difference

Extra Heavy-Duty Design

Extra heavy-duty design is built tough enough for heavy commercial use

All Steel Blades

All steel, semi truncated blades are designed for maximum penetration

Swing Open Blade Design

Swing open blade design allows for easier positioning & visibility for operator

Reduce Damage of Branches

Swing open blade design reduces damage of lower branches on trees

Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Industrial hydraulic cylinders with 70” stroke delivers power and performance

Built To Last A Lifetime

All-steel spade blade slides are robust, durable, and built to last a lifetime

Blade Towers

Blade towers are heavily gusseted to withstand force and power of cylinders

Swing Arm Controls

Multitude of blade & swing arm controls gives added convenience to operator


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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2 year warranty


Tree Size (Evergreen)3″4″
Tree Size (Hardwood)2.5″3″
Root Ball Diameter30″40″
Root Ball Depth23″30″
Opening (Width)60″52″
Blade Angle (Degrees)25°25°
Number of Blades34
Blade Thickness3/8″1/4″
Cylinders70” Industrial70” Industrial
Cylinder Bore/Rod3”/1.50”/31”3”/1.50”/31”
Blade TruncationSemiFull
Towers Swing HingeYesYes
Weight (lbs.)1,5501,934
Weight with Tree (lbs.)2,0503,134


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