Skid Steer Post Driver

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Post Driver

This post driver can make easy work of laying fence posts. Why do all the work of digging and laying posts when this can do it in seconds? With up to 900 BPM, this unit is built to take on any pounding conditions.

Post Driver

Post Driver

The Skid Pro Difference

Easy Post Control

Cupped driving head has a 1" lip to eliminate slipping and keep control easy.

Powerful Design

Vibratory driver design allows you to lay posts in almost any conditions.

Versatile Hooks

Bottom hooks allow for a chain to be used as a plumb and to pull posts out of the ground.

No Depth Limits

Unique design allows posts to be driven from the top of your loader arms down to ground level.


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

Product Resources

Parts Breakdown
Owner Manual
2 year warranty


Operating Weight1,350 lbs
Optimal GPM18 GPM
Cup Size7”
Blows Per Minute500-900
Shaft Diameter2.7″
Minimum PSI2,000


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