Mini Skid Steer Auger

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Mini Auger

Compatible with all our full size bits, this mini skid steer auger has the torque to bust through tough soil conditions.

Mini Auger

Auger Bits

If you are looking for different auger bits, but aren’t quite sure what you need, take a look at our Auger Bits video. This video goes over the different types of bits the functionality of each! All of our full size auger bits fit on our mini auger unit.

Mini Auger

The Skid Pro Difference

Versatile Bit Options

Choose from puff bits all the way up to 36" tree bits.

Planetary Drive

Planetary drive can produce over 3,000 ft. lbs. of torque and handle bits up to 36″ diameter

High-Strength Gear Housing

High-strength gear housing covers and protects motor and planetary drive

Low Maintenance Design

Low maintenance design saves time and increases productivity


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

Product Resources

2 year warranty


Maximum Auger Size (Inches)
36 Tree Bit
Minimum Flow Rate (GPM)
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)
Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI)
Maximum Back Pressure (PSI)
Output Torque @ 3000 PSI (ft.-lbs.)
Output Speed @ 15 GPM (RPM)
Approximate Weight (Pounds)
6”6″ Auger48.058
9”9″ Auger48.073
12”12″ Auger48.081
15”15″ Auger48.0103
18”18″ Auger48.0109
30”30″ Tree Auger48.0193
36”36″ Tree Auger48.0300


    Pat R.


    Ben – Just an FYI, your auger worked great at our property last week. See photos of our 8' x 500' fence we just finished. We put in 50 of the 18" diameter X 48" tall D post holes. We averaged less than a minute to auger through roots and rocky soil! Thanks for making such a great product.

      Bill W.


      Chris, we love the auger unit. Had it turning the day we picked it up. So controllable. Well made. Great addition for our work on the ranch. We will never go back to a tractor auger unit. Thanks for the quick shipping.

        Terry M.


        Joe – Our auger showed up Friday morning, wanted to say thanks again for the great service! Would not even consider buying anything for our machine without checking with you first, great job. Thank you,

          Philip W.


          In the three years we have dealt with you we have been extremely pleased. All is well as usual and expected. Everything works as good or better than described. The tree puller is even better than expected. We haven't used it much yet but enough to know that it grabs the tree and holds well until the tree is laid down. The Auger is great. Josh did great talking with an engineer who said that it would work well here...he was correct. I can drill a 9" hole down to almost 5 feet in the roughest stuff we have. Y'all are always my first site to search for implements and we've never been disappointed, from great delivery to work in the field. Best to Josh and y'all, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

            Dan O


            Everything was delivered on time or early! Thank you very much!! The mower is a beast and worked excellent. I mowed about 3-5 acres with it the first time I hooked it to a skid steer. It really made the area we are building our new shop/home look so much better. I am looking forward to cleaning up the rest of the 40 acres. I haven't had a chance to use the posthole digger yet but will shortly. I was impressed with how much heavier it looks than a factory Bobcat unit, which I had before. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who talks to me about skid steer attachments. Do you make a wood splitter attachment?

              Mike L


              Josh, the auger works great! Shipping and delivery went smooth. It was one of the easiest transactions I have ever had! Thanks again for your help.

                Gary H


                Josh - The auger works great! We have dug so many holes I am running out of fence posts. This machine is impressive. I cut through solid rock in one place. It took a while but it did it with no problem. The auger is exactly what you said and more! I also used the adapter you supplied and it works great. Thank you and thanks for following up.


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