Mini Skid Steer Dirt Bucket

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Mini Dirt Bucket

This dirt bucket is built to take on any debris you can throw at it. With a 42" width and 3/16" wrapper, you can move debris efficiently and with peace of mind.

Mini Dirt Bucket

Mini Dirt Bucket

The Skid Pro Difference

Heavy Duty Edge

This heavy duty, 1/2" cutting edge can also have a bolt on edge, providing class leading durability.

Thick Steel Frame

The frame of this bucket is 3/16" hardened steel and can take on the toughest loads.

Curved Bucket Back

The back of the bucket is curved to decrease resistance, making cleanup and material moving faster than ever.

Continuous Weld

Don't let people fool you, the only way to go on a dirt bucket is a continuous weld, not a stitch weld.


Industrial Design


Dimensions 42″ x 24″ x 15″
Frame Thickness 3/16″
Cutting Edge Bolt On Optional
Weight 227 lbs


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