Mini Skid Steer 4 IN 1 Bucket

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Mini 4 IN 1 Bucket

This bucket opens as a grapple, has a built in dozer blade, can scoop as a bucket, and level like a land lever. It truly can do it all.

Mini 4IN1 Bucket

Mini 4IN1 Bucket

The Skid Pro Difference

Extra Wide Opening

This 4IN1 bucket has an extra wide, 23" grapple opening, letting you grab more with each load.

Multiple Edge Options

The 1/2" welded on edge can be accompanied by an additional bolt on edge.

Secured Hose Routing

Hoses are routed and secured to keep them out of the way, meaning less replacements in the long run.

Replaceable Dozer Edge

The back acts as a dozer blade and has a bolt on edge that can be replaced.


Industrial Design


Dimensions48″ x 22″ x 17″
Pin Size1″ Pins
Frame Thickness3/16″
Cylinder GradeIndustrial
Weight512 lbs


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