Skid Steer Wood Splitter

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HD Log Splitter

This log and wood splitter isn't the biggest but it packs a PUNCH with 20 tons of splitting force. 

HD Log Splitter

HD Log Splitter

The Skid Pro Difference

HD Horizontal Splitter

Unique bolt on plate of HD Horizontal Splitter allows for inverted or regular upright position options

Convenient Vertical Splitter

Convenient Vertical Splitter allows for user to split traditionally or flip to vertical for large, heavy logs

Extra-Wide Maul-Style Wedge

Extra wide maul style wedge spreads and pops the log in shorter distance making faster splits

HD I-Beam

HD I-beam is heavily gusseted to QT plate for added strength, which delivers incredible durability

4 Way Adapter

4 way adapter quickly and easily slides over the 2 way wedge for a simple and durable 4 way option

Industrial Cylinder

Industrial cylinder delivers 20 ton of splitting force to handle the toughest splitting applications


Industrial Design
Operator Ease


Splitting Force20 Ton20 Ton
Physical Weight335 lbs.390 lbs.
Required Oil Flow12 gpm12 gpm
Required Pressure2,500 psi2,500 psi
Log Capacity24”24”
Splitter Cycle Time6.62 seconds*6.62 seconds*
Maul Wedge Height9”9”
Maul Wedge Width3.5”3.5”
OrientationInverted or UprightHorizontal or Vertical


    Ray E.


    Todd - I wanted to send an update on my recently purchased wood chipper, trencher and wood spitter. We just used the wood chipper today and I have to say I’m amazed on how awesome it works! Being able to chip trees upon taking them down is fabulous. I will be looking at your other products in future. My next task is to use the splitter and trencher and already know they will perform as advertised because of the craftsmanship of your products.

      Rob K.

      Xenia, OH

      Jeremy, Thanks for the follow up email. The splitter is amazing…very well built and will split anything. Not sure how I split 10-12 cords of wood a year without it! Thanks,

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