Mini Skid Steer Snow and Litter Bucket

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Mini Snow Bucket

With extra thick walls and an XL capacity, this mini skid steer snow bucket will clear snow efficiently and for years to come.

Mini Snow Bucket

Mini Snow Bucket

The Skid Pro Difference

Bolt On Cutting Edge

The massive 1/2" thick cutting edge can take a beating. You also can add a bolt on edge for even more durability.

Extra Thick Build

The main frame is wrapped with 3/16" steel and expertly welded to ensure years of use.

Welded Deflector

The top of the bucket has a curved deflector that keeps debris from flying out, directing everything back into your bucket.

Curved Backplate

The back plate is curved, which directs snow forward and decreases pressure on the bucket, allowing you to clear faster.


Industrial Design


Dimensions48″ x 18.5″ x 26″
Edge TypeWeld On & Bolt On
Frame Thickness3/16″
Backing StyleCurved
Weight284 lbs


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