Forestry Mulching with a Skid Steer

Forestry Mulching with a Skid Steer

There are many ways to clear land, and a Skid Steer is the best of the best. Each project is different, each operator has a different level of experience, carrier machines are different, vegetation is different, and the desired end result may be different as well. This can make it difficult to know which Skid Steer attachment is the right one for the job. Whether you’re interested in breaking into the land clearing business, looking to clear your own personal property, or you’re a professional forestry expert who’s always looking to stay up on new trends and topics, we have the information you need to stay up to date. 

Which one is Right for the Job: Brush Cutter or Forestry Mulcher? 

This is the first question which needs to be answered. What do you want the finished project to look like? Industrial brush cutters with 500lb flywheels, direct drive hydraulic motors, and four blades can take down up to 8” diameter trees and eviscerate similar sized stumps. What is left are larger wood pieces akin to kindling. This is certainly powerful, but is it right? Would you rather have a more “finished” final product? Let’s explore your two main options a little further.

Brush Cutters We have four industrial brush cutter options, the Industrial Brush Cutter

High Flow Open Front, HD3 Brush Cutter, Industrial Brush Cutter Closed Front, and the Industrial Brush Cutter Open Front. Each requires the operator to come through after felling trees and pick up the logs and debris with a grapple and then chip elsewhere. These are a nice option when you require versatility to clear grass and work in rocky terrain. Cutters are better in rocky terrain than mulchers because blades can be resharpened and are less expensive to replace than carbide or tungsten mulching teeth. 

Forestry Mulchers are the better option when you want to make a single pass on your Skid Steer without the need to pick up logs and would like to turn the tree into toothpicks. Are you in a hurry to get the job finished and be done with it? Due to the single path approach, forestry mulchers are more efficient and leave a professional aesthetic upon completion of the project. We offer three models to cover all mulching situations. What these units lack in versatility they more than make up for in productivity.  

Remember, it all boils down to having the right tool for the job and being prepared to sacrifice in an area that isn’t as profound to your needs. If you need a little help, know that we’re here for you! Please give a Skid Pro Product Guru a call today at (877) 378-4642. In under 10 minutes you can have a quote catered to your exact details. Delivery will happen within 30 days!