Best Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

Best Attachments for Maintaining Farmland

Summer is here and if you live or work on a farm, you know this time of the year means a lot more than just swimming in the pool and family BBQs. You have some major jobs ahead! Summertime on a farm means hours spent mowing, cutting, digging, and planning for the months to come. If you want to get to harvest and have your tasks finished before the first freeze, you need to begin now. Let’s look into the best attachments for maintaining farmland.

Keeping your farmland in check is no small task. Thankfully, jobs that used to be backbreaking and take hours to complete are now much easier. If you have a front loader tractor, you can buy attachments online that make just about every outside chore much more efficient. Our top 3 favorites include:

#1 Industrial Brush Cutter (Open Front) Winter is long gone and fresh spring growth has turned into some major weeds or other brush. It’s time to cut this growth back. The open X4 Industrial Brush Cutter keeps field edges clean, maintains grass waterways, and keeps unruly brush out of the way. It doesn’t just make your day easier, it prevents equipment damage so your machine lasts longer. Unmatched in class for build, drive train, and cutting capacity, this attachment features four blades, a 467 lbs. flywheel, 8-inch cut capacity, and the biggest drive shaft (3 ¾”) of any standard flow cutter in the US. By far, this is our most aggressive cutter option. It couldn’t be any easier to clear away unsightly and overgrown brush!

#2 Auger Speaking of easier, utilizing Skid Pro’s auger drive for post hole drilling is not only easy, it is fast and affordable as well. For the cost of a few rentals, you can outright own an auger to use whenever you need a hole dug. This makes adding fencing so much easier. That is great news since summer is when you want to be digging. Don’t wait until you’re battling frozen soil!

#3 Skeleton Grapple Maybe it isn’t just some unruly bushes you need to take care of, but large trees and other foliage. Our heavy-duty grapple adds a 1-2 punch to tree and brush control. Not only is using this attachment much safer than traditional hand cutting, but it’s also faster and much easier. In fact, this grapple geometry delivers 85% more clamping force. Upturned tine tips allow fast forward raking. With so much versatility, it’s no wonder this is our best-selling all-around grapple!

These three are only the beginning of the wide variety of attachments on the market today designed to make your life much easier. Once you look at our online Skid Steer attachment catalogue, you’re sure to see one, two, or many that will make your summertime chores a lot easier. Whether you need to trim trees, cut down brush, clear out stumps and roots, dig fence posts holes, or gather and move debris, there is an attachment made to help. Don’t work harder than you have to!