Rock Bucket

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Rock Bucket

Our Rock Bucket has a unique, aggressive rock dam which means a huge productivity increase and better performance.

Rock Bucket

Rock Bucket

The Skid Pro Difference

Unique Design

Unique rear roll back and front lip design (i.e. “rock dam”) hold rocks in while digging to increase productivity

Open Bucket Design

Open bucket design allows dirt to fall through bottom, sifting out rocks & debris quickly and easily

Rigidity & Strength

Tough cross member supports and gusseted teeth add rigidity and strength for durability on today’s jobsites

Rough Grade Jobsites

Unique flat bottom design performs well as land plane to smooth out surfaces and rough grade jobsites


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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2 year warranty


# Tines20222426
Tine Spacing3”3”3”3”


    John Ley

    Dodgeville, WI

    Dear Todd Westlund: I spoke to you about a rock grapple bucket for my 60xt case skid steer and you did not steer me in the wrong direction. We Love it! I told you I needed something built very strong and would take a lot of pressure. We had a tornado hit on our property; it took 200 plus trees down & broke off a lot of them half way up. I could grab a lot of the tree by the branches and pull the top off in a very safe manner. I moved rocks and boulders to get into some areas. I would top the tree branches three inches and smaller, then push it together and grab it with the grapple bucket, sometimes getting so many branches at once that you couldn’t hardly lift them. It’s amazing how many tops you could get in one bucket full to put on the burn pile; lots of times not even being able to see the skid steer itself then going back and pick logs up 2, 3, 4 at a time, which saved so much time and travel and of course some 3’ diameter one at a time. I could dig burn holes, pick big rocks, level the ground and also pick up brush, logs, level gravel and move dirt. This is the bucket to have. Built very strong and is so universal. I don’t know if I will put my dirt bucket back on, maybe to haul gravel or move snow. I love the fact I can back drag of go ahead and see through the tines to make the ground level. Todd you told me this bucket would work well for me and it has, well beyond my expectations. The covered rams are a great idea. Thank you for your support and your fast transactions over the phone as well as your very speedy delivery. I recommend this grapple bucket to anyone and everyone. Sincerely yours:

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