What are the best skid steer attachments?

What are the best skid steer attachments?

Time and time again we are asked “Which skid steer attachment is the best?” Well we have found that this is a bit of a loaded question. When it comes to real world application, you need to choose the attachment that fits your job requirements.


Buckets are typically a standard attachment to have with your skid steer or track loader. This attachment allows you to dig and move material. This is a basic essential of each skid loader, but what kind of bucket do you need? We make snow buckets, dirt buckets, 4 in 1 combo buckets, and more. You need to know what material you will be moving and the final outcome you wish to have. For example, a dirt bucket is exceptional at the basic function of moving debris and dirt, but if you want to move snow around you should have a larger capacity. This is where the snow bucket comes in handy. If you are looking to kick over large trees, then you would need a heavier built stump bucket. Knowing the worksite conditions for you bucket are key to success.

Forestry Attachments

If your goal is to clear land or manage vegetation, you should consider purchasing some forestry attachments. There is a wide variety from brush cutters to wood chippers. These attachments are made for land management. Our most frequently asked question is what are the benefits of a brush cutter vs a mulcher. You can click the link to learn more on that subject. However, if you are looking to remove trees you have some other options. To remove trees completely out of the ground, you can look into a tree puller. If your goal is to cut as many trees as possible, a tree shear would be more style. If you need wood for fires then you can look into a log splitter. Depending on what you are looking to get done, we have the forestry attachment for you!


When it comes to carrying debris around, a bucket attachment might not always be the most efficient choice. This is where grapple attachments come into play. Grapples offer enhanced control and gripping power, allowing you to pick up and transport various materials with ease. Skid Pro offers a range of grapple attachments, including grapple rakes, rock grapples, and scrap grapples. Each type is optimized for specific tasks, such as handling rocks, logs, brush, and other bulky items. If your job involves land clearing, waste handling, or even sorting materials on-site, a grapple attachment can significantly improve your efficiency and productivity.

Snow Attachments

When it comes to the harsh winters, you are going to need snow attachment. Obviously we love snowblowers because of their ability to move large quantities of snow with ease and quickly. However, other attachments have their place. The snow pusher comes with a edging bar, which allows you to pull snow from buildings. This is a great option for parking lots and other areas that have buildings. The snow blade is a more fast moving attachment that can direct snow to an area. This comes down to what your needs and budget are.

Concrete and Asphalt

When it comes to working with concrete and asphalt, many of the attachments we have listed about won’t do the trick. For removing concrete or asphalt, you would need a cold planer or road saw. These are heavy duty saws and rippers that boast massive teeth and have a very specific application. If you need to have more maneuverability then you should be looking at a concrete breaker, which packs a punch for its size. For cleanup on these jobsites, nothing gives you a pristine finish like a broom!

Landscaping and Excavation

Everyone knows that when digging nothing comes to mind quite like a backhoe. This is a great tool to use when trying to dig deep in the ground. However, for digging trenches, you may want to look at a trencher. This cuts a straight line and wastes less soil. If you need to dig with precision straight down, then an auger would be your best bet, and if you need to prep soil for planting or a jobsite, then you would want a soil conditioner or a tiller. 


In the end, there is no one true answer for which attachment is best. It all comes down to what the job is, and what you want your finish to look like. However, if you are getting your first skid steer or wheeled loader and want to start off on the right foot, a 4 IN 1 combo bucket is a great place to start. This attachment give you a grapple, dozer blade, and bucket all in one. Another great early addition would be a brush cutter. If you are looking at doing any forestry work, this attachment is a fine middle ground to take care of anything from grass to trees. To learn more, contact a product guru today and we will get you the right equipment.