Mini Skid Steer Pick Up Broom

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Mini Pick Up Broom

Made with heavy duty walls, thick steel bucket, and 15 inch wide sweeper, this pick up broom is the perfect for sidewalks, driveways, construction sites, and more!

Mini Pick Up Broom

Mini Pick Up Broom

The Skid Pro Difference

Direct Drive

A direct drive motor gives you maximum power without having to worry about gears or chains.

Debris Deflector

The rubber debris deflector keeps everything in the broom and bucket, making cleanup easy and code compliant.

Extra Long Bristles

The extra long, 15" diameter bristles give you more bristle life and need to be replaced less.

Adjustable Wheels

The adjustable wheels are great for storage to keep bristles off the ground.


Industrial Design


Broom Width 52″
Motor Type Direct Drive
Frame Thickness 3/16″
Main Tubing 2″ x 2 3/4″
Weight 500 lbs


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