Different Mini Attach Plates

Different Mini Attach Plates

What Mini Plate Do You Have?

When it comes to mini skid steers, or stand on skid steers, you will still find a variety of options when it comes to attach plates. As time goes on, there are more and more brands going to the “Universal Attach Plate”, which was first made by popular by the Toro-Dingo mini skid loaders. Let’s go over some of the most common plates out there.

Toro-Dingo CII (Universal Mini Plate)

With out a doubt, the most common attach plate in the industry is the Toro-Dingo CII (Common Industry Interface) plate, which has been dubbed the Universal Mini Plate. This is what comes standard on the majority of machines in today’s market. The dimensions are about 22.75″ wide, 9.25″ tall, with pins that are 14.5″ to center. You will have an easy time finding attachments that fit this design, as this is the way the entire industry is trending.

Bobcat MT Plate

As the name would suggest, this is the Bobcat mini skid steer plate design. This design is characterized by a “U” shape and has the same height and similar pin holes to full size skid steer attachment mounting plates. Previously, they had used a different style plate which is still found on the Bobcat MT55 and MT50 models. However, this new design has taken over their lineup and is the 2nd most common plate in the industry. The dimensions are about 35.5″ total width, 15.75″ tall, pins centered at 33.5″, and two “prongs” that stick up and are 8.75″ wide. There are also many adapter plates that allow you to go from the Universal Mini Plate (Toro-Dingo) to the Bobcat MT Plate and vice versa. 

ASV Plate

The next up is the ASV plate. At Skid Pro, we don’t currently offer attachments that fit this style plate. Of the major players in the market, this is definitely the most niche. This plate is much wider and the ASV “mini” skid steers are actually ones that you sit in. But beware, if you are a larger person you will have a hard time getting in and out of these units. 

Which One Should You Buy?

Every day there are more options more mini skid loaders out there. Each one has the potential to have a unique plate. There are many other plate types but we wanted to go over the most common. Knowing what plate you have before you buy attachments is extremely important and should not be overlooked. Both the Bobcat MT Plate and the Toro-Dingo CII Plate (Universal Mini Attach Plate) both are great options and provide the most versatility in attachment lineup. If you have any questions about what plate you have or what attachments can fit your machine, give one of our product gurus a call.