Are Skid Steer Attachments Universal?

Are Skid Steer Attachments Universal?

Here are Skid Pro, we are one of the industry leaders in skid steer attachments and all things relating to front loader tractors. Because of this, we are asked many questions. One we hear most often is in regards to whether or not attachments can be switched to other front loader tractors. Are skid steer attachments universal? Let’s answer that question right now!

Are Skid Steer Attachments Universal?

Skid steer loaders haven’t decreased in popularity since they first became mainstream during the 1960s. There’s a reason they are so popular! One feature that makes a skid steer or front loader tractor such a popular piece of equipment is their ability to use a wide range of different attachments to handle all kinds of jobs.

Attachments are almost all interchangeable among the different brands and models of skid steers and compact track loaders. This is thanks to a universal skid steer loader attachment bracket called the “quick attach.” Most newer skid steers have this universal coupler that allows different brands of skid steers to be used with different brands of attachments. You can thank Bobcat for developing these!

There’s even more good news! Even some compact tractors and compact wheel loaders use the same system, giving you the ability to share attachments among multiple machines and brands.

While it’s good news that a quick attach makes it easy to move your attachment from one front loader tractor to another, it’s important to be cautious and smart when doing so. Just because the attachment is able to fit on the tractor does not mean a skid steer has the hydraulic capacity necessary to run every attachment. You would also need to make sure that the hydraulic flow matches the requirements of the attachment before you can determine if it will work with your skid steer. There’s more to whether or not a front loader tractor can be used with an attachment than simply if it fits.

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Skid steers and front loader tractors are designed for jobs that require both serious strength and excellent maneuverability in tight spaces, without the need for an entire team of workers. What used to take hours of backbreaking labor can now be done with ease! By using different attachments, skid steers can be used for many kinds of applications. Any job that requires pushing, lifting, pulling, mowing, squeezing, chopping, moving, or digging can be made easier. This is why they are regularly used in construction, landscaping, agriculture, demolition, forestry, and even on large residential properties. 

Whatever your specific needs are, you can find the right attachment by shopping our online catalogue! If you have any questions about the travel motors on your skid steer, give us a call at 1 (877) 378-4642. We’d be happy to help!