Used Bobcat Snow Blower

Used Bobcat Snow Blower

When purchasing a snow blower attachment for your skid steer, you may want to consider a used one to save on your initial investment.  However, buyer beware, as snow blowers are built to accommodate the Used Bobcat Snow Bloweroriginal skid steer they go on, and to match that machines hydraulic flow. If your machine has a different flow rating than the previous machine, you could possibly have very poor snow blowing performance and have what amounts to a worthless snow blower.

It is hard to think about purchasing a snow blower when there is no snow and the sun is shining, but start looking in spring, you would be surprised to see how many people will sell their snow blower after a mild winter or consider upgrading after a particularly heavy winter.

There are a lot of attachments out there that have very few hours on them that are in decent condition, a demo unit is a good example of this. The best course of action is to buy used attachments from a trusted source such as a local dealer or someone you know, this can also lower the overall cost of the attachment since freight charges will not apply if you can pick it up yourself.  If that is not a viable option, you can find dealers online that sell used and refurbished skid steer attachments.  There are also a lot of internet advertisements from private parties. If you see a particular model advertised that at first glance looks good to you, do an internet search on it and look for online snow blower reviews and ratings. 

When selecting a snow blower, new or used, be sure that your skid steer is hearty enough to provide the necessary power to the attachment, and that it has the exact right hydraulic motor to give you optimum snow blowing performance on your bobcat skid loader. 

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