Used Bobcat Brush Hog

Used Bobcat Brush Hog

A used bobcat brush hog (skid steer brush cutter) is something worth considering when shopping for a cutter attachment.  While buying used will save you some money up front, remember that it will usually be without a Used Bobcat Brush Hogwarranty of any type and any mechanical failures and replacement parts will be a direct cost to you.  This isn’t a big issue if you are mechanically inclined or have a friend or relative that is.

There are a lot of used brush cutters on the market to choose from. What you intend to use the brush cutter for will determine the size and capacity you will need to get the job done properly.  You don’t want to buy something that is going to be too big or too small for the task at hand.

When buying used try and get as much information about the brush cutter as possible.  The main things to be concerned about are how well the attachment has been regularly maintenance, any repairs made, the number of hours on the cutter and any physical damage to the attachment.  When buying a used skid steer brush cutter, be sure to get the owner’s manual from the seller.  If they do not have the owner/operator manual, you can most likely get one from the manufacturer or online. 

Be sure to consider the capacity of your skid steer, make sure it has the hydraulic power to operate the cutter and that it has the horse power to back the hydraulics.

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