Skid Steer Snow Blower

Skid Steer Snow Blower

When moving large amounts of snow is a necessity, you need to decide what snow removal attachment is right for you. 

While a skid steer snow blade is great for moving large amounts of snow in open spaces, such as a parking lot, a snowblower will work better for removing snow from paths, sidewalks, driveways and other tighter Skid Steer Snow Blowerareas.  A bobcat snow blower allows you to maneuver around things like trash cans and vehicles and allows you to control the direction of the snow making removal less of a chore.

The equipment snow blower is an option for those that already have, or are planning to get a skid steer, tractor, backhoe or other type of heavy equipment.  A snow blower attachment is designed to work with a wide variety of skid steer manufacturers.  The tractor snow blower is designed to be mounted to the front of tractors ranging in size from a garden tractor to a large agriculture tractor, and come with a wide variety of options.    A backhoe snow blower is designed to work on a backhoe loader or front end loader and is also available in with a variety of options.

Skid Pro Attachments offers the heaviest frame snow blowers on the market and they come in widths ranging from 66” to 84” that are available in both standard and high flow. These snow throwers come standard with hydraulic direct drive so there isn’t a drive shaft, chain, sprockets or shear-pins to deal with.  Another nice feature is a case return line to prevent seal blowout that is standard on every model.   Both low and high flow attachments are available in in a variety of widths and throwing capacities so that you can tailor your attachment to your specific needs, even in extra heavy snow conditions.

We can’t leave out the option of purchasing a used skid steer snow blower.  The most important thing to factor in when buying used is to remember that a thrower is built to the exact hydraulic output of each bobcat. That means if your skid loader has lower or higher hydraulic output, you could have significant performance issues. The two worst case scenarios would be too much flow, which means damaging your hydraulic motor, or too little flow, which means you might only throw the snow 8 to 12 feet.

When making your decision on a snowblower, take into consideration what your wallet and skid steer can handle.  It is often our first instinct to go for the cheapest attachment we can find, but remember that quality has its price and is more likely to be less expensive in the long run.

So now that you have chosen the perfect snow blower, get out there and enjoy the great winter wonderland that is coming your way, not to mention the extra time you will have now that you can spend less time blowing that snow.

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