Skid Steer Mower

Skid Steer Mower

When comparing a skid steer mower to other brands, you will see that there is a wide variety to choose from and a wide spectrum of pricing too. Selecting the right mower for the conditions that it is going to be used under is an Skid Steer Mowerimportant aspect to getting the job done with the desired results.  The essential differences between brush mowers are the sturdiness of the mower deck and whether the motor is direct-drive or a gear box.  

Let’s talk about the mower deck for a moment.  If the brush mower is going to be used for clearing saplings, underbrush or even tall thick grass a heavy duty machine is a must.  Since the mower deck is the primary support structure for the mower it has to be heavily constructed to provide the support necessary to tackle the tough jobs and to prevent damage to the machine itself.   To keep the mower securely on the ground and to keep it from twisting when you mow over branches and heavy underbrush it needs to have an extra ridged deck with steel reinforcements along the front as well as across the frame laterally.  It is also very important to have additional support around the hydraulic motor or gear box since that is where the real action takes place, a heavy gage steel plate in addition to the mower deck is ideal.  Heavy gauge steel is required to withstand the force generated by the rapidly rotating cutting blades of the mower.

Next is the debate over gear box vs. hydraulic motor.  To some, a gear box is the only way to go, but I find that a direct drive hydraulic motor is a good idea since most have pressure release valves that will kick in if you over stress the mower. With direct drive there is very little that can go wrong so you will have fewer breakdown and/or issues and lower maintenance. 

In addition to a heavy duty deck and strong drive, the weight and capacity of the flywheel is equally important.  A heavier the flywheel and blades the mower can use the more inertia is created and this helps maintain performance, this is especially important when you are cutting through heavy undergrowth or saplings.

If you consider these three things when you are ready to buy skid steer mower you will be ahead of the game and will end up with a mower that will serve you well.

When looking for a skid steer mower for sale there are some options and features that can add some finishing touches on the job at hand.  Some examples are wheels, rollers and a floating deck.  If you are buying a new skid steer mower attachment, check to see if these options are available.  If you are looking for a used skid steer mower and it doesn’t come equipped with the options you want, you may be able to purchase them online from a dealer like us. 

As always, consider what your skid steer can handle, if in doubt – consult your owner’s manual.

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