Skid Steer Snow Blower

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Snow Blower

Our Skid Steer Snow Blower offers 2 stage design for maximum snow throwing performance and casting distance.

Snow Blower

Snow Blower

The Skid Pro Difference

2 Stage Design

2 stage design for maximum snow throwing performance and casting distance

Direct Drive Fan & Auger

Direct drive hydraulic fan and auger – No chain & sprocket or shear pins

No Shear Pins

Internal pressure relief on hydraulic motors – No shear pins

Tight Spiral Auger

Tight spiral auger is ¼” thick and heavily gusseted for superior strength

4 Blade Fan

Deep dish 4 blade fan is cupped and reinforced for durability and better casting distance

Better Snow Capacity

Extra tall & deep design for better snow capacity and improved productivity

4 Skid Shoes

4 skid shoes (2 side runners – 2 rear shoes) for maximum adjustability and float

Easy Flow Fluted Chute

Easy flow fluted chute for high snow volume and longer casting distance

No Freeze Up Chute

No freeze up chute design – ultra tough poly gasket prevents metal-to-metal contact

Tough Powder Coat Finish

Tough powder coat finish gives added durability and corrosion resistance versus painting


Industrial Design
Operator Ease
2 year warranty

Product Resources

Model 1550 Standard Flow

Parts Breakdown

From Serial #023172(Model 1550)

To Serial # 06336(Model 1550)

From Serial # 06337(Model 1550)

Owner Manual

From Serial #023172(Model 1550)

To Serial # 06336 (Model 1550)

From Serial # 06337(Model 1550)

Model 1500 High Flow

Parts Breakdown

From Serial #031872(Model 1550 HF)

To Serial # 11135Model 1550 HF)

From Serial # 11136Model 1550 HF)

Owner Manual

From Serial #031872(Model 1550 HF)

To Serial # 11135 (Model 1550 HF)

From Serial # 11136(Model 1500 HF)

Model 1501

Parts Breakdown

From Serial #033200 (Model 1551)

To Serial # 06495(Model 1551)

From Serial # 06496(Model 1551)

Owner Manual

From Serial #033200 (Model 1551)

To Serial # 06495(Model 1551)

From Serial # 06496(Model 1551)


Cut Width 66” 72” 84” 72” HF 84” HF
Operating Weight 930 lbs. 1005 lbs. 1219 lbs. 1172 lbs. 1245 lbs.
Intake Height 27” 27” 27” 32” 32″
Fan Diameter 20” 20” 20″ 24” 24”
Auger Diameter 16” 16” 16” 16” 16”
Chute Rotation 270° Hyd 270° Hyd 270° Hyd 270° Hyd 270° Hyd
Deflector Control Hyd Hyd Hyd Hyd Hyd
Skid Shoes 4 4 4 4 4
Hyd Flow 15-25 gpm 15-25 gpm 15-25 gpm 25-45 gpm 25-45 gpm


    Mike K.


    Dan – I got a chance to work the Skid Blower on 2+’ feet of Heavy Wet Dense snow. The blower matched to the Bobcat T550 preformed remarkably! Other tractor and commercial sidewalk blowers, working in the area, had numerous blower and shoot freeze up blockages. The Skid Pro really shined! I was pressing it to the max and the blower performed well in the worst of conditions. Much more wet snow in the forecast and I’m expecting the best. Our 3-mile-long road has run out of plow space, so the blower is a real blessing. Thanks for making such a great product, which has performed well in the worst conditions! Hats off to your design team! All the best.

      Chris G.


      Ryan, It’s cold here and I’ve run the high-flow snow blower about 8-10 hours in total without the chute blocking. It seems to like Idaho snow. My buddy has a different brand and he’s already sheared of the pin 20 times in 20 hours. You build a good product. Thanks

        Reed M.

        Vernal, UT

        I just wanted to let you know that the 72” snow blower that we purchased performed extremely well on our JCB280. We were able to safely clear the snow off of our synthetic baseball, softball, and football fields with ease. This is, by far the earliest we have ever had the snow completely removed from the fields! In fact, the athletic director of a community college located in a neighboring town heard that our field was clear. He made arrangements with our athletic director to hold their softball games at our facility on February 27th and 28th because his fields weren’t ready. I appreciate your professionalism throughout this process and look forward to working with you on our skid steer implement needs in the future. Thanks,

          Tom W.


          I just wanted to reach out to you personally for a show of gratitude and sincere thank you for building great products! While I have been using the 96” snow blade more frequently, I finally had the opportunity to put the 72” high flow snow blower into action. I was working through a section about 40’ wide by 20’ wide at about 6’ deep. The blower just made large piles of snow disappear! The blower is matched perfectly to my John Deere 320G HF. I truly thank you for your efforts, patience, and building a great product, and can’t wait to place my order for a tiller attachment this spring! Thank you again,

            Patrick F.


            Hi Erik, the blower is working great! We’ve had a good winter with over four feet of snow on the ground, and with the blower I have been able to keep our 1/2 mile road open. Thanks for your professional attention to helping your customers.

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