HD3 Brush Mower

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HD3 Brush Mower

Our Skid Steer HD3 Brush Mower is the best in the industry. Check out The Skid Pro's difference and special features.

HD3 Brush Mower

HD3 Brush Mower

The Skid Pro Difference

Direct-Drive Motor

Super-powerful, direct-drive motor delivers high torque & ultra-fast blade tip speed

Smooth Cutting

Blade tip speed over 19,000 ft/min delivers smooth cutting to handle the toughest jobs

Maintains Speed

Direct-drive maintains better tip speed in heavy grass compared to gearbox mowers with low torque

3 Cutting Blades

Oversized, 232 lbs. flywheel with 3 cutting blades for ultra-smooth, high-torque cutting

Integrated Push Bars

Closed Front offers a low-profile push bar, while the open front utilizes a robust high-tier push bar integrated into the frame

Limit Flying Debris

Closed Front models employ a front chain curtain to limit flying debris

Easily Handles

Easily handles 3″ saplings, heavy brush and thick grass

Wire Protection Kit

Our wire protection kit is a standard feature to assist in preventing spool ups around the drive shaft


Industrial Design
Operator Ease

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942 lbs.
1150 lbs


    Adam R.


    Hi Todd, I can't remember the year we purchased the HD3 mower, but what an excellent decision. Heavy Duty construction. Efficient mulching/cutting. The barb wire protection!! Easy service of blades and gear oil changing. Just heavy duty and worth every penny. Started mowing 11-29 and finished 12-20!! Total area approximately 57.6 acres!!! CAT 242B3 with OTTs. Everything from buckthorn, honeysuckle, multi flora, down snags, and of course rocks! I want to thank you and everyone at Skid Pro for being quality and making/selling quality!! It's rare and I appreciate it! Happy Holidays and Cheers!!

      Brad N.


      Hey Todd, Brad here. Just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you what a great piece of equipment this HD3 brush mower is. I absolutely love it and would never give it up. It way out performs the Bobcat brand. Just wanted to let you know, good to get complements once in a while too. People tend to forget sometimes. You can use me for a reference if anyone is skeptical. I even chewed into a roll of barbed wire. Simply shut it down the wire just unwound right back out, didn't even have gloves on. Can't say enough good about it! Thanks again.

        Lane A. Miller

        Professional Calibration Inc - Wyalusing, PA

        Josie, I'm finally going to take the time to let you know how I REALLY feel about the products that I purchased last year. First, the Industrial Grapple Rake. I am so glad that I purchased Skid Pro's grapple, as here in Endless Mountains region the ground is mostly shale which would have been challenging for a grapple made with thinner steel. As it is I have moderately used my grapple for clearing roads, landings and right of ways, as well as moving and stacking logs and even built a dry laid stone wall with it. Needless to say I would recommend this grapple to anyone interested. First rate quality and construction! Next, the HD brush mower. Like the grapple, superior design and construction! I compared both with other brands and can honestly say, both fit the "you get what you pay for" adage. I have enlarged a 15 acre field, recovering approximately five acres after clearing the edges from brush. Truly a heavy duty product. Not only am I pleased with the product, but the sales and office staff were a pleasure to deal with as well. Very knowledgeable, very professional. As a business owner myself, I know when a business is doing it right, and you are. I am extremely happy with the products purchased; they were exactly as advertised and not overhyped. Finding an American company to deal with and getting the quality I was looking for we're the two most important aspects regarding my purchase. The pricing was competitive as well. Keep doing what you’re doing Skid Pro, your number one in my humble opinion. Thanks for building a great product here in America.


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