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Hydraulic Snow Blade Pusher Combo

Skid Pro Advantage

  • Incredibly unique & effective snow attachment
  • Snow blade & snow pusher in one attachment
  • Unbelievable performance & productivity
  • Huge time saver for commercial snow removal
  • Nearly infinite positioning of wings & moldboard
  • Floating frame follows contour of the ground
  • Three, quick-acting trip edges for added safety
  • Cross-over relief protects blade & operator
  • Available in 120”, 132”, 144”, & 156” widths

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Special Features

  • Blade angles a full 30 degrees using machine’s main hydraulic controls
  • Wings use E/H controls independently of blade for infinite configurations
  • Go back & forth between snow pusher & blade on the go in mere seconds
  • Floating frame link allows pusher/blade to follow the contour of the ground
  • Frame allows for full down pressure to aggressively scrape pavement
  • Adjustable cast-iron skid shoes give maximum float & robust durability
  • Hydraulic crossover relief valve protects the attachment by absorbing shock
  • Relief allows pusher/blade combo to angle if a curb or other object is struck
  • 3 blade sections with individual trip edges utilizing 8 compression springs
  • QT plate utilizes 4 pins to allow 5° of float front-to-back and 4° side-to-side

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Industrial Design

  • Extra-heavy-duty steel moldboard built to withstand demanding commercial snow use
  • Industrial cylinders utilize special corrosion-resistance rods that reduce rust and pitting
  • Built with heavier cylinders, thicker steel blade, XL cutting edges, and more structural support
  • Wings utilize 1/2” x 7-3/4” reversible, replaceable bolt-on wear edge of high-tensile steel
  • Middle section comes standard with 5/8” x 8” reversible, replaceable bolt-on wear edge
  • Design allows cutting edges that deliver 5 ½” of total wear before needing replacement

Operator Ease

  • Moldboard controlled by machine’s hydraulics, wings controlled by E/H controls independently
  • Reversible & replaceable cutting edges comes standard for extra life and easy replacement
  • Floating frame link allows pusher/blade to automatically adjust to contours of the ground
  • Oversized cast-iron skid shoes give max flotation and are quickly & easily adjustable
  • Hydraulic crossover relief protects pusher/blade, machine, and operator during use
  • 100% in-cab adjustment of blade & wings prevents constant in-and-out of cab for operator
  • Oversized operator step has aggressive tread for safe entry & exit during snowy conditions


Overall Blade Width (Inches) 124.5 136.5 148.5 160.5
Moldboard Width (Inches) 62.0 74.0 86.0 98.0
Blade Height (Inches) 31.0
Blade Angle (Degrees) +/- 30
Wing Angle (Degrees) +/- 60
Width at Full Angle Both Wings Open (Inches) 110.0 120.5 131.0 141.5
Width at Full Angle One Wing Open (Inches) 86.0 96.5 107.0 117.5
Width at Full Scoop (Inches) 96.5 108.5 120.5 132.5
Moldboard Thickness (Inches) 0.19
Cutting Edge (Inches) 5/8 x 8 Bolt-on
Wing Cutting Edge (Inches) 1/2 x 7 3/4 High Tensile Steel, Bolt-on
Blade Oscillation (Degrees) +/- 4
Float Link Angle (Degrees) +/- 5
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1590 1650 1710 1770
Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 1800 pounds