Buy Bobcat Brush Hog

By the time you are ready to buy your brush hog, you should have already figured out the capacity of the skid steer that you are going to use it on to be sure it can power the attachment that you purchase.  You have determined what projects you want to tackle so that you can […]

Bobcat Brush Hog for Sale

Whether looking for a brush hog for sale, either new or used, there are a couple of ways to go about it.  Before you start looking for your brush cutter attachment make sure you have a list of features and options you want and find out what size cutter your skid steer can accommodate and […]

Used Bobcat Brush Hog

A used bobcat brush hog (skid steer brush cutter) is something worth considering when shopping for a cutter attachment.  While buying used will save you some money up front, remember that it will usually be without a warranty of any type and any mechanical failures and replacement parts will be a direct cost to you.  […]

Bobcat Brush Hog

One of the best ways to take full advantage of the financial investment you have in your skid steer is by purchasing quality attachments that will work with your skid steer to make easier work of the project at hand.  One of the most popular attachments is a brush cutter, make good use of your […]