Buy Skid Steer Snow Pusher

Buy Skid Steer Snow Pusher

During the unpredictable winters of late, managing the clearing of ice and snow from roads and parking lots has become a most challenging job.  A very effective tool for this type of snow removal is the snow pusher.  A snow pusher attached to a bobcat skid steer (or any of the other many brands of skid steer loaders) can move a very large volume of snow quickly and efficiently. Snow pushers contain the snow and do not create windrows so there is no need for taking another swipe to remove spills, plus by utilizing the skid steers lifting capability the operator can stack large piles of snow.  These two features of the snow pusher attachment make for a clean, quick and efficient method of snow removal.

Do now confuse the skid steer snow bucket attachment with the snow pusher. While the snow bucket (sometimes referred to as a skid steer sleigh shovel), is designed to scoop the snow up and dump it at another location, it is a much slower and less effective option for removing snow from a road or large parking lot, but is great for loading trucks for hauling away the snow if need be.

Skid Pro Attachments offers a Premier Series for you to  Buy Skid Steer Snow Pusher that is available with several options and in three widths: 8’ (96”), 10’ (120”), and 12’ (144”).  All our pushers are of an industrial design with heavy duty 7 gauge construction for maximum life and durability in the most extreme conditions.  The extra durable 2” x 2” inside posts are fully welded for exceptional side plate strength, while the high strength 5/16” thick side-plates provide extra toughness and durability. There are three 4” steel channels on the back side of the moldboard for superior strength and added longevity of the equipment.  There are several special features that set Skid Pro snow pushers apart from others on the market.  These include; a precision-rolled mold board to enhance rolling of the snow and increased speed and efficiency; extra tall and deep design for better snow capacity and improved productivity; oversized skid shoes that are 5” x ¾” and AR400 abrasion resistant for greater wear life; a standard 1” x 8” rubber cutting edge for a squeegee effect for enhanced performance and safety over steel cutting edges; and the 12’ pusher has a unique multi-section steel trip edge that is an option on the 8’ and 10’ models.

As with any skid steer attachment purchase, details such as the attachment’s design and intended use and the skid steer’s horsepower are critical points to take into consideration. 

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