Bobcat Snow Blower

Bobcat Snow Blower

Looking to increase your bottom line by getting more use out of your skid steer?  A great way to maximize your considerable investment is to put your skid steer to work during the snowy months of winter by attaching Bobcat Snow Blowera Bobcat snow blower attachment.

The first thing you need to figure out is what size snow blower your skid steer will handle.  Whether you are looking to move smaller amounts of snow from your sidewalk or pathway, or moderate amounts of snow from your driveway and yard, there are a number of widths and capacities out there to choose from.  A snow blower allows the operator precise placement of the blown snow. Additionally, the blower chute can be rotated on the go from the comfort of the cab. The deflector on the top of the chute can also be adjusted while blowing, allowing the operator to shoot the snow straight up into the air for maximum casting distance, or place it directly down to the ground.  A snow blower allows you to put snow right where you want it, so you won’t have to touch it again all winter.  You can even couple your snow blower investment with other snow removal options such as a skid steer snow blade, snow plow or snow pusher. Most commercial snow removal companies use multiple attachments together for maximum productivity.

Proper selection of snow equipment is key to peak performance. Whether you are in the market for a used bobcat snow blower or a new one, research is critical to a good skid steer attachment purchase.  If you search the internet you will find hundreds of advertisements for skid steer attachments of all kinds.  You can try posting wanted ads and subscribing to searches so you get alerted when new listings are added.  Before and after the “snow” season you will probably see ads for a bobcat snow blower sale or skid steer snow blower sale. Shopping off season can sometimes render better pricing.

Skid Pro Attachments offers the heaviest frame snow blowers on the market and they come in widths ranging from 66” to 84” that are available in both standard and high flow. These snow throwers come standard with hydraulic direct drive so there isn’t a drive shaft, chain, sprockets or shear-pins to deal with.  Another nice feature is a case return line to prevent seal blowout that is standard on every model.   Both low and high flow attachments are available in in a variety of widths and throwing capacities so that you can tailor your attachment to your specific needs, even in extra heavy snow conditions.

When you decide to buy a bobcat snow blower, no matter which way you decide to go, new or used, be sure you get the right attachment for your machine.  A highly productive skid steer means a happy operator.

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