Bobcat Snow Blower For Sale

Bobcat Snow Blower For Sale

Once you have decided to add a snow blower attachment to your skid steer, be on the lookout out for sales.  Dealers are likely to have a Bobcat snow blower for sale (bobcat is often used as a generic term for skid steer) early in the year before the snow hits.  These sales can be particularly appealing because dealers often Bobcat Snow Blower-For-Salelower the price of the snow blower attachments during off season months.  This is especially true during the spring, just after the season when the demand for snow blower attachments declines.  If spring follows a winter with snow levels lower than normal, the deals may be even sweeter as the dealer likely has an overstock of snow blowers.

These days we are all more cost conscious than in past years so our first inclination may be to look for a used skid steer snow blower attachment.  This is a good option in some cases, but with close out and end of season sale prices being very competitive, give a new attachment some consideration.  Since a used unit could require some repair or upgrading, it is possible that the warranty that typically comes with a new attachment could save you money in the long run. Plus if the used snow blower is not matched exactly to your machine’s hydraulic output, you could get extremely poor performance and in some cases cast the snow less than 10 feet!

Using you skid steer to blow snow beats shoveling it any day. You will want your snow blower to serve you well over the years, so do your homework, as there are many specs to consider.  Be sure the snow blower attachment you get is well suited for the hydraulic power of your skid steer, or you may end up with a snow blower that barely tosses snow beyond the chute. 

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