Bobcat Brush Cutter

Bobcat Brush Cutter

A bobcat (oftentimes used as a generic term for skid steer) brush cutter is a very handy skid steer attachment to have around.  If you do an internet search on the subject you will get about 170,000 links to Bobcat Brush Cutterchoose from.  Brush cutters are available for a variety of end results such as a finish cut, rough cut, brush clearing and thick undergrowth and tree cutting. 

With so many cutting options available you must first decide what uses you have for a brush cutter.  If you are looking to manicure a large area of grass, such as a school, park or estate then a finish mower would be your best bet.   For areas such as ditch right-of-ways, pastures, trails or any other rough or uneven terrain, a rough cut mower might be what you are looking for.  Clearing taller and/or thicker grass, brush, undergrowth and for cutting down of smaller trees or saplings (3” to 6” in diameter) a brush cutter is the way to go.

Each brand of brush cutter will have its own unique set of features and options.  You must determine which of these features and/or options are right for your needs.  The other thing that you must consider is the capacity of the skid steer that the brush cutter attachment is going to be used on.  If you overload your skid steer you will not be happy with the brush cutters performance.  If you are unsure of the capacity of your skid steer refer to your owner’s manual.

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