Backhoe Snow Plow

Backhoe Snow Plow

Even though a backhoe is not considered compact equipment, most still have the capability to quickly
Skid Steer Snow Plowconnect attachments on either the front or back end allowing for increased productivity.

Adding a backhoe attachment can boost your bottom line; this is especially true of snow removal attachments.  Why not put your backhoe to work for you year round and pick up some extra cash along with that snow?

Some might question why not utilize a skid steer or compact utility tractor instead.  These machines are more compact and have the ability to maneuver in tighter spaces, but if you don’t already have that equipment in your arsenal, it could be more of an investment than you are willing to make.  And then there is the issue of storing two pieces of equipment instead of one.

If you are going to attach a snow blade to your backhoe you might want to consider taking the hoe off while blading snow.  This way you won’t have to worry about being back heavy and the front end coming up off the ground.  Another thing you don’t need to be thinking about while plowing is the hoe swinging out and damaging something innocent like a mailbox or car.  If you choose not to remove the hoe, make sure it is securely immobilized and remember that you have the extra weight back there.

It doesn’t matter what type of attachment you add to your backhoe, remember safety first and productivity second.

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